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Project/EventTimelineProject/Event DescriptionCoordinatorSponsorBudget
The First Annual Student Conference entitled “American National Identity”November 17-18, 2011The central theme of The First Annual Mostar Student Conference is “American National Identity”. This conference will explore the dimensions of “Americanness”, seeking to understand what could define American national identity from a Bosnian and Herzegovinian perspective as well as from global aspects of U. S. literature, culture, institutions, identity, history and civilization. The conference will also focus on language and communication within American national and/or international identity as a powerful force in the age of globalization, especially from the point of view of Bosnian and Herzegovinian students as citizen of the world. The conference’s objective is to foster understanding of national history and uniqueness of the United States particularly in connection with Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to strive for development of a healthy international community and expand horizons of the students coming to the conference from different ethnic backgrounds from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The audience will be comprised of students and faculty from both universities in Mostar (Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar and University of Mostar).Selma Raljević, Marijana Sivrić, Marko BevandaUS Embassy in B&H2000 USD
US Alumni in B&H Strategic and Teambuilding EventOctober 2011Overall objective of this project is for the members to get to know each other better, to create bond among them and synergy, to activate the members in order to start the process of giving back to the society and making a positive change in BIH. This will be done by team building activities, by empowering them to define the directions, guidelines and priorities and finally, give them the knowledge, skills and feedback needed to write project proposals of exceptional quality in the close future.Elma DemirUS Embassy in B&H (Inter-ethnic home stay grant)5.020 KM
Fostering Alumni Activities and Capacities in Bosnia and Herzegovina through Strengthening the Bosnian American Academic Exchange Association15 February – 15 August 2011Although alumni in B&H have great ideas for alumni activities and projects, primary defined at annual alumni conferences, so far, little has been realized. Alumni BAAE Association exists in B&H since 2005, however, activities and projects are implemented sporadically. In order to foster development and implementation of successful alumni projects and generate sustainability of the alumni BAAE Association, this project will tackle several identified obstacles to an active and successful alumni Association. More precisely, this project will include activities that will lead to election of new alumni leadership, strengthened internal capacities, better communication and exchange of information, decentralization of activities, and branding – that will all together strengthen the alumni Association and foster alumni activity in B&H.Elma DemirUS Embassy in B&H4370 USD

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