Alumni Day in Doboj

12/11/2017 / usalumni / Activities, News

Doboj is a city and municipality in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the river Bosna. Doboj is the largest national railway junction and the operational base of the Railways Corporation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in Doboj. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and one of the more important urban centers.

It is also the location of the most active American Corner library and culture center in Bosnia, where our Executive Board Member Sinisa Simic coordinates and organizes any number of Alumni activities every month. On November 8th, he invited the President of the US Alumni Association in BiH Almir Pestek to give a presentation to the representatives of Tourism Organizations in Derventa, Tesanj and Doboj, organization “Rotor”, Hotel “Park” Doboj, and the students of the Economy School in Doboj.

The topic of the presentation was “Digital Technologies and Tourism”. Different Alumni from Doboj and Doboj East also joined the interested visitors to hear about tourism as the dynamic system that needs to be managed like a digital and hyper-continental industry. Giving the tourists experiences and the feeling that they have gotten their money’s worth is essential to get them to return and recommend a country or a city. What is more important in the digital age, it spreads a positive narrative through social networks, blogs, comment sections, and ratings.

Later in the evening on the same day, American Corner hosted our Alumni Tijana Vasiljevic Stokic, Mia Matic, Isidora Nikolic, Mateja Djenic, Djordje Dujkovic, and Sinisa Simic for a session of the Washington Circle For A Global Discussion with the #HiddenFigures Author Margot Lee Shetterly! Young Alumni in particular enjoyed immensely the opportunity to be a part of the global Alumni network in such an interesting webinar.

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