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Project/EventTimelineProject/Event DescriptionCoordinatorSponsorBudget
Alumni Program to Foster Mutual Understanding and Promote Cross-Cultural Exchange in B&HApril 2012 - ?Organization of Annual Alumni Conference in Banja LukaVanja MilašinovićUS Embassy in B&H8330 USD
Fix My SchoolAug 2011 – Sept 2012Project includes the development of a fully functional web aplication aplikacije; Development of a network with students from 30 local communities in BiH that will be trained for tasks of administratoring the website; Final resarch on educational intitituions in BiH and compiling over 1000 contacts of educational institutions; Mapping over 700 institution of education in BiH and inserting data into a database; promotional campaign of the web aplication popravimiskolu.orgDarko BrkanUS State Department (Alumni Innovation Fund)25994 USD
Youth for Change Program: Fostering Interethnic Exchange and Youth Activism through New MediaDec 2011 – Dec 2012The project aims to foster interethnic understanding and cooperation, educational achievement, workforce training and civic engagement of young people through the use of information and communications technology with focus on new media. The project will consist of 3 phases: the first phase will involve selection of program participants, while the next phase will incorporate organization of online and in-person trainings in using information and communication technologies (ICTs), particularly new media in local advocacy. The third project phase will provide an opportunity for high school students to apply acquired skills and knowledge in practice by active engagement in their communities.Elma DemirUS Embassy in B&H (Inter-ethnic home stay grant)19955 USD
The Second Student Conference6-7 December, 2012The topics included the following: the position of women and youth in today’s BiH society; their engagement in all fields of life; leadership development through education about rights of young people; participation in women’s networks and NGOs in BiH; discrimination of women and young people; prejudices against women in all segments of life; women as victims of sex trade and street economy, violence, mobbing etc.; volunteering projects of young women and men in their educational institutions and their communities; women in literature: female writers and female characters; gender discourse in everyday life.

The audience was comprised of students and faculty from both universities in Mostar (Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar and University of Mostar). Additionally, there were guest students from the University of Tuzla, who also took part in the conference.

The conference featured a keynote address by Ms. Mirjana Penava of the NGO “Forma F” in Mostar, which was focused on the activities of several NGOs in Mostar and BiH in the post-war period and today. The students got valuable information on the activities of NGOs in Mostar and the region but also an important insight into the position of women and young people in the community where they live, study or work in.

Considering the fact that participants were from both Universities of Mostar and University of Tuzla as well, the program contributed immensely to promoting tolerance and diversity between different nations living in BiH.
Marijana Sivric, Selma Raljevic, and Marko BevandaUS Embassy Sarajevo, and the American Corner in Mostar1000 USD

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