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Literary Lab in Mostar

29/05/2017 / usalumni / Invitations, News

Another Alumni activity started in Mostar in March and will last until September 2017. Local Fulbright Visiting Scholars Alumnae Dr. Selma Raljević (Assistant Professor at the English Department of Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar), and Dr. Marijana Sivrić (Associate Professor at the English Department of University of Mostar) started the Literary Lab in the American Corner in Mostar as a […]

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Second Student Conference in Mostar (2012)

10/09/2015 / usalumni / Temp

The Second Student Conference “Women and Youth Empowerment in Bosnian and Herzegovinian Society”, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina was held 6-7 December, 2012. The topics included the following: the position of women and youth in today’s BiH society; their engagement in all fields of life; leadership development through education about rights of young people; participation in […]

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