“Taxes: Income or Deduction?” Aftermath

26/06/2017 / usalumni / Activities, News

The first round table discussion about the FBiH Income Tax Act, initiated by the Association and the Center for Civil Society Promotion (CCSP), was held on June 20th, 2017 and included 60 participants with 8 panelists discussing the issues surrounding the tax reform in FBiH for more than three hours. This has been just a start of an initiative to get the activists, civil society representatives, employers and political party/public institutions representatives involved in the topics of general interest and welfare. The main speaker was Aida Soko, the adviser to the prime-minister of FBiH, while the panel consisted of the following experts:

  1. Ljubiša Đapan, director of the Federal Institute for Development Programming
  2. Izudin Kešetović, Professor of Economics, University of Tuzla
  3. Omir Tufo, CCSP
  4. Adnan Smailbegović, chairman of the Board of Directors of the FBiH Employers’ Association
  5. Muhamed Pilav, director of the MS&WOOD Company
  6. Suad Ećo, owner and the director of the Ećo Company
  7. Muamer Mahmutović, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Canton Sarajevo

The participants together with the panelists directed a lot of their questions about the positive and negative aspects of the new law, but also expressed their confusion about the possible consequences and its influence on the society at large. An important fact was that the Members of Parliament of FBiH also participated in the discussion, and they are the ones that will make the final decision about the law.

The initiative that began on June 20th is the first in a line of future activities that will be organized by CCSP and the US Alumni Association in BiH to bring the public questions of general interest to the attention of different decision-makers. The comments and the conclusions about the draft of this legislation will be published on www.cpcd.ba, and submitted to any interested individuals and institutions.


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